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The lovely ladies at WordStorm sent us a bottle of Beet It Juice to review.

Beet It is a brand of organic beetroot juice and Beet It stamina shots, which contain a high dietary intake of beneficial beetroot juice.

The range includes:
o Beet It Organic – 1 litre / RRP$7.69, 750mL / RRP$5.99, 250mL / RRP$3.09 (90% beetroot, 10% apple. Contains 100mg dietary nitrate per 100mL)
o Beet It Organic Shot – 70mL / RRP$3.49 (98% beetroot, 2% lemon. Contains 300mg dietary nitrate per serve)
o Beet It Sport Shot – 70mL / RRP$3.49 (98% inorganic beetroot, 2% lemon. Contains 400mg dietary nitrate per serve)
o Beet It Ginger – 750mL / RRP$5.99 (80% beetroot, 17% carrot, 3% ginger, concentrated lemon juice. Contains 100mg dietary nitrate per 100mL)

The new Beet It Sport Shot (7mL) is released alongside survey findings showed drinking one glass of beetroot juice a day could help lower blood pressure by seven per cent. / Available from independent grocers and health food stores”


Upon hearing that we’d be doing this review, my beetroot loving daughter got very excited.
She was very eager to try it out and see if it was as yummy as she knew her favourite vegetable to be.


She gave it a sip and told me it tasted “just like a beetroot!”


And then gave me a beetrooty smile!

Everyone else then had a taste and we all have mixed reviews.
Some didn’t like it.
Some liked the first mouthful but not the second.
Some just don’t like beetroot.
But we all thought it really did taste “Just like Beetroots!”


So if you are a fan of this veggie I would definitely give it a try.
As for me… I go blerk and pull a face… Yep, I’m one of the “I don’t like beetroot” people!
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received a 250mL bottle of Beet It Juice, for review purposes,
and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

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  1. But beetroots are your friend!


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