Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Changes In The Seasons It's Just What's Required

The new One Little Word is Want
It led me to share this story


It’s a story that would ordinarily be lost as life moves along


but now it’s captured


Because I felt it was a moment that held more than just a purchase at the shops


It held a moment that a mother of a teenager will hold close to her heart forever


And that moment is priceless


And if I could really capture it…
I’d bottle it up
And spread it on my toast everyday
So I could savour the happiness that came across her face
Sometimes it is the simple things
And I want more of those!

Products Used:
From D-lish Scraps: Resin stars, Fancy Edge Bow, Kraft Journal Card, mini star sequins in green, Washi Tape – Bokeh,
Washi Tape – Rainbow Spot, Heart Pin, Dyed Wooden Butterflies, and Black Motex tape
Scrapmatts: Dress form and chevron


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  1. Gorgeous....the girl, the dress and the layout xx

  2. And doesn't she look great in it
    Lovely layout

  3. Love the way you tell your stories. Yes, the simple things.
    The looks of joy.
    the sounds of uninhibited laughter.
    the look across the table with your partner as you are surrounded by your family.
    the hugs, the sweet smell of shampoo and soap after a bath. The list if simple things go on...but we don't often take the time to appreciate them when they present themselves.
    oh you have me inspired!!
    gorgeous layout...a love the spring dress. 😊

  4. Such a lovely page, with a great story! Thanks for joining us @ OLW. X

  5. I love everything about this!


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