Friday, May 13, 2016


One of our sport mad children
Was super excited to help out with this review.
"Pocket Balls" are instant, reusable and safe heat packs.
Inspired by sport these packs come shaped as balls from
Football/rugby, soccer, golf, cricket,
Tennis, basketball and the magic eight ball.
Our child was beyond thrilled that we received the soccer ones
And COULD NOT WAIT to try them out!

Super easy to use
You just locate the disc (inside the heat pack)
And click it.
The heat packs are a great way to ease any muscle pain
Or just to warm your hands while watching your kids at sport!
Simply slip one into your pocket.

The heat lasts for about an hour
And then you can simply reactivate
By placing in boiling water.

To keep them waterproof don't pierce the outer skin.
And always follow the instructions for activating/deactivating.

We loved these because they are totally portable,
instant heat without having to warm them
And SOMEONE loved the shape.

Priced at $12.95 for a two-pack and available nationally,
You can purchase Pocket Balls at all Coles Express convenience stores,
Newspower, Spoilt: gifts and homewares,
Drummond Golf, AFL Players Association,
And online at
For more information on Pocket Balls
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received a Pocket Balls pack,
to use for review purposes,
and all opinions expressed are purely my own.
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