Saturday, March 25, 2006


All of them are at Mum and Dad's! But more about that later.
Yesterday (Friday) we dropped Megan off at school and then went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers group). Was a nice relaxing time as always, then back home for lunch and packing bags. Dave came home early, hooray, so he was able to come to pick up Megan before we went to Mum and Dads.
We left there and wandered around town for awhile before having tea at 'Little Bali', not a bad feed for $16.50 which included both our meals and a drink!, walked back thru town and called in to the Glenorchy cinema and raided the change tin to go and see Aeon Flux. Wasn't what we thought it was going to be, not sure if it was worth the $14 each we paid but it was nice to see a flick as we haven't been to the movies together since.... nope can't think but probably close to 2 years if not longer.
Spent 12 hours in bed!!! in before 10, out before 10. I don't know how often I will be able to say that but it has been nice.
Tonight we have Uncle Samuel and Louise coming for tea, belated b'day tea for Uncle Samuel. So its going to be a hectic trip to pick up the girls and be back to start cooking. Having chicken bits and skewers so that will be easy, will cook some wedges too, which will please the girls as they love them, probably because they get to have sour cream with them.
Is a lovely sunshiny day (so far) and I better put the washing out so it enjoys it too :)
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  1. Lorraine10:45 AM

    Glad to hear you have had a lovley night without the girls, sorry we are not close by to have them from time to time. Wish we were there tonight to enjoy the time with Samuel and Louise and also the yummy food....oh! yea and your company would be great too! Thinking of you all together tonight.

  2. Hey that is fantastic....glad you had some time out...hope you had fun :D
    I went to the Zoo today and am all sunburnt we were there for about 6.5 hours without sunscreen lol.....will write more about it in my blog.
    talk soon
    ohh and have fun tonight


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