Thursday, March 23, 2006

Irk and Grr

Thats how i'm feeling :) The girls are giving making me work for my money, so 2 pooey nappys, threats and grumbles later they are all still awake and giving me grief.
Anyway the rest of the day was ok. Finally got to have a look in the craft shop, main Rd glenorchy, and bought some tubes of assorted buttons and then went over the road to Scrappers Heaven. Was naughty, but confessed to Dave not long after, and bought some stamps. Good thing about the pack I bought was their are various styles of each letter so I will be able to use them lots.
Also called in to the Family Day Care centre, to see if they still ran playgroup, and caught up with the lovely Karen who used to run the playgroup that we went to when Megan was a baby. Was really good to see her again and she remembered us, more Dave though :( as it was unusual for a Dad to be seen at playgroup.
Mum called in late this arvo and had tea with the girls, which they loved!! Daves started back with soccer training so i'm waiting for my tea to eat with him.
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  1. Lorraine9:40 PM

    With David back to soccer training you will be able to say what type of takeaway you want for tea with more choices now,than when you were living at Snug.

  2. Davie Dollop7:59 AM

    Hey, I will select the takeaway menu thank you. And its restricted to drive through only, cos I cant physically get out of the car once I am in it!!!

  3. hee hee sounds like you are having fun days....hey guess what...I had a massage tonight!!!! You can read about it on my blog.


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