Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Grrr and giggle

Grr because the CSI that was on last night was a repeat! How dare they! Survivor, on the otherhand, looks like it will be well worth watching, I love the mix of the groups and having smaller groups means we see the personalitys and group dynamics brought to the surface earlier. Ick to the worm she ate!
And the giggle was for the conversation Jessica and I had yesterday. She wanted chicken sandwiches for lunch. She was terribly upset when I said we had no chicken, got her to check the fridge as she didn't believe me! I told her that I can't just make a chicken for her to have. Her reply was well thought out.... "If we got some roosters then they could make a chicken"

Megan has reached the realisation that boys have more fun than girls. She told me she doesn't want to be a girl anymore, wants to be a boy. Boys play all the cool games and she gets picked on for holding hands with the boys when they line up etc., will have to tell her about having the best of both worlds! She also told me she wants to change her name, Tegan would be better. I just told her I don't like the name Tegan, I always loved Megan. Told her I was so glad that she was born as it meant I could name her Megan. Hope it all gets thru to her!

Elizabeth is funny, she has always loved sitting in things. Today was no different, she pulled out lots of toys so there was room for her in the toybox. The sunroom floor was covered again!

I think Lucy's getting more teeth through. Red cheeks, dribbles and chewing on things... She had a good chomp on her toe this arvo! Still full of cuddles for her Mummy so I'm happy!

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