Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunshine and Storytime

About sums up today. Storytime was good, as usual. Was funny to see that all (and I mean every single one!) of the kids had the fidgets and it was the busiest and noisiest storytime I've been too!!
This afternoon was very sunshiny and seeing as its my favourite time to take photos and we were in my favourite photo spot, outside, I went snapping. Sharing just some of these pics with you, I took many more as usual!
Made a yummy stew in the slow cooker for tea and Megan commented on how yummy the cabbage tasted so it must have satisfied her tastebuds! Was a very cool start to the day so Autumn is definitely upon us. Looking forward to daylight savings ending so the sun has been out a little longer when we start our day.
Megan enjoyed using Messenger last night, talking to Grandma. Megan had got up for a drink and so we let her natter for awhile. Was amazed to see how well she can type and spell words, she really knows her way around the keyboard. She knew to make the i into a capital I, I kept nudging Dave to look at what she was doing. Grandma she loved it, thank you!!
Glad CSI is back on Tuesday nights, don't like it when they mess with my tv viewing! I can hear Dave nodding, sorry Dave I know I rave about stuff like that but someone has to!
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  1. Lorraine9:41 PM

    I think I enjoyed the time with Megan on the computer as much as she did. I am very impressed with her spelling etc. she is obviously learning a lot at school.
    It is good to have TV programs back to normal, looking forward to McCleods daughters tomorrow night!


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