Sunday, March 19, 2006

How to get fit with a camera.

Bet thats got you guessing!! This lovely sunday afternoon was spent chasing EVERYONE around the house with the camera, some 200 photos later I stopped! I am sooo thankful for a digital camera with a memory card. I think it was the first time that all of the girls were willing to have their photo taken and that was probably helped by the fact there were no group photos and they weren't asked to pose. Also figured out that if I ask someone to clean up they won't but if I break down that clean up into one bit at a time it will get done! The sunroom/play room had every toy, dressup, lego, dolls clothes and doll on the floor. I asked Jessica to clean up and she just wouldn't so I asked her to pack up the dress ups and she did, then I asked her to put the lego away and was somewhat shocked that she did and then everything else got done too! Amazed am I!! Am sure the stratergy will never work again but it did today!Its been another day where the weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do so its been sunshiny and rainy all at the same time, got to love it!Finished painting my letters HAIR for the box so now to decorate them and glue them on, hoping they stay on for more than a week after the girls are allowed to use the box. Time will tell :)
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  1. Sounds like you have been having the piccys!!!

  2. always fun :) Sometimes with tears or hardworkm but always fun!!!
    Hope your packing your bags, got room for me?? Yeah I know Dale would complain but I'm happy to sleep in the car!!


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