Monday, March 20, 2006

How to get fit without a camera! HA!

Since moving we have missed getting out and walking, me more than the kids I think. So today, just before lunch, Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I went around the block. Probably a 10-15 stroll that was enough to show how much Elizabeth has missed walking. She sooked when we had only gone 3 houses down!! I then made her sook again in the afternoon, I parked the car near a reserve that backs onto a road that has a walkway thru to school. Was nice to be out walking again.

Jessica and Elizabeth played connect 4 today. Jessica was able to make them both laugh (long and loud) by dropping her piece down the back, into the tray, rather than into the slot. It clattered about and was enough to make Elizabeth crack up! So of course I took a photo of it. Dominos was a little more subdued after that!

Was another day of pigtails, I think the hairbox helped them with the idea. I'm not sure if I am totally satisfied with it but its finished, being used and not wrecked after day1 so i'm happy!!

Lastly I just have to share this photo of Lucy. It was taken last night. They had icecream in a cone for dessert and Dave said 'ta' to Lucy who eagerly complied and handed over her icecream so she went from this:
to this:
poor mite!!! She did get her icecream back and loved it, naughty Daddy!
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  1. Lucy does love her food....hee hee....I can hear the screaching now :D Glad you got out for that walk and found time for it. Parking at the reserve near the school was a cool idea!!!


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