Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who'd have thought...

Elizabeth choose strawberries over lollies!!! I offered her a choice and oh my I have a girl after my own tastebuds, she choose strawberries!! Jessica didn't shock me she, of course, had a lolly. In fact she had 2, they were stuck together, she gave one to Elizabeth, as all good sisters who share should do, but after a bite Elizbeth gave it back to her and asked for more strawberries! Sorry Grandma I'm claiming Elizabeth back from the sweet-tooth side of the family!!!
We spent the 'after school' time at the park with a boy in Megan's class. He lives with his Grandparents in New Norfolk so we met them at the park near Rosetta High. I didn't even look around at Dave's old stomping ground, was too busy keeping Elizabeth from being spun too fast on the Hurdy Gurdy (or the Red Thingee as Jessica called it).
Went to Storytime at the library again this morning and we found a Charlie and Lola book to borrow. I LOVE CHARLIE AND LOLA!! Not just because of the way they are written but also because of the wonderful pictures they use (in the books and on the TV series), it reminds me soo much of scrapbooking and how wonderful colours, patterns and the way a smart layout can turn anything into something special. Love Love Love Lauren Child for making these books and the telly program is just wonderful! Don't know what i'm on about then http://www.charlieandlola.com/ might show you. You'll either agree or walk away shaking your head wondering what i'm on about!!
Anyway's I's think's that's it's... Oh and I just remembered the sprinklers on so I better go turn that off before I see a giraffe or two float by :)
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  1. Hey...thanks for saying hey on my blog...:D Ummm love Es tastes...she is such a goose!!!

  2. Lorraine9:56 PM

    If Elizabeth is going to change her sweet tooth for fruit I hope that she at least has cream or icecream with it. Grandma

  3. Sadly we scoffed a few more today without either. But don't worry she still loves her icecream, she had one for being good while shopping and got it everywhere. She is a lovely sister though and happily shared with Lucy, who loved it too!


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