Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Awwwww and chicken trees!

Another busy Tuesday. Megan and Jessica to school, top up grocery shop, home to unpack and morning tea. Spoke to Dave, who had left his wallet at home, so we dropped that off to him before going to Storytime. From there we went to get Jessica. Her class had a 'parent session' (I spose is the best thing to call it). They did some talking and singing and generally just showed Mums and Dads what they had been doing so far. Jessica did a great job with all that she did. Hard to believe she is 5 soon! Having said that I can't believe Elizabeth is 3 next month... hang on I'm still in shock my baby is 1 and my big baby is now 7!! Boo hoo where did that time go!! Glad they are growing and changing though. Love seeing all the new things they do and the excitement of what they become is sometimes overwhelming and definately scarey!!
Came home for lunch, Lucy's sleep and put the leg of lamb in the oven for tea. not long after that back to school for Megan, put the oven back on, peel vegies and blink before tea time!! YUMMMMMMM
Jessica chucked another wobbly over not having chicken for lunch again today.... not sure where this has all come from. Might have to plant a chicken tree and see what happens!!
Scrapped some more of Elizabeth's layout lastnight. not sure about it all, I can tell I've had a break and am finding it hard to get back into the groove I was in before. I have fiddled with it many times, trying to fix it cos I don't like it, and think I know what I will do to make it better. Stamped too much I think so it just looks messy and disjointed. Oh well it will all come together in the end and if not it will be ok!! Move on to the next one, which I am excited about already!!! Hope I don't disappoint myself lol
Thats about all from this jitterbug so goodnight to you all and to you all goodnight
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  1. the layout will get there...I promise!!! Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. ohh and I have finally updated my blog hee hee....I even put a photo up tonight.

  2. I've been peeking!! Glad your back :)


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