Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Don't touch anything electrical!!!!

Well our heat pump kicked it in at 7.30 this morning!!! Cold tap fell off at 7.35 and then tonight a bulb blew (the second in 2 weeks).... So spent the morning ringing around to get someone to look at the heatpump, he arrived after 4. He fiddled for awhile and then said its kaput, Dave's rang our insurance peoples so we will see how much we have to pay soon... wonder what Mr Heat Pump Mans bill will be!!!
Good thing is that it means we can get a wall mounted one and have more floorspace YAY!!
We are VERY thankful to the previous homeowners for leaving us some oil in the oilheater as that has been burning since 2 (I was sick of the cold by then!). The tank sounds empty but obviously ain't!! Its been a cold and wet day, one of the Mums at school said there was sleet in the rain at lunch time, all I know is that its cold!
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