Sunday, April 23, 2006

Big Brother 2006 STARTS TONIGHT!!!

We went out and invested in the cheapest set top box we could find ($79) today. So we are all set up for the start of BB6. Sadly I can't wait. Hearing all the talk about it is great too, looks like it might be a good one, here's hoping!!!!
My Friend Allison has also completed a lovely layout of Lucy, head over and check it out, her blog is on the side of mine. WOW Allison, great layout and very cute subject ;)
Will post this and put on some photos I took today of Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth playing.
only an hour to go!
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1 comment:

  1. allison6:55 PM

    Can't believe you got a set top box hee hee....very proud of you lol. Have fun watching BB. Glad you liked the layout by the way...I just happen to like it too.


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