Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yet another finished!

Finished this layout of Elizabeth last night, loooove it!
The 'baby' background and the frames are in a brown velvet that feels sooo nice and were easy to work with. Love the swirls of the pattern, reminded me of a coffee cup.
Impressed that the photos, from my mobile, turned out so well. Love the drink dripping down her chin, typical shot lol.
Well today Megan and Jessica looked soooo tired, I put them back to bed for awhile this morning. They didn't sleep, no surprises there!, but they stayed so the rest must have helped as they got through the rest of the day ok.
We went to the hardware store this morning, to buy replacement bulbs for the lights that had blown, home for Lunch and then at 1 Dave left for soccer and we followed him out the door.
We spent the afternoon at Allison's sisters house. The girls loved playing with Allisons nephews and Lucy loved the extra cuddles she received from everyone. I took some photos of Megan (when she was 2) helping Dave wash the car. Nice to see them scrapped so I don't have to put them in a photo album... just the thousand other photos I have there waiting for me to do!
Home again to put tea on and eat when Dave got home (score was 4-4). After tea, not sure why and probably worth not knowing why, we were discussing what wiggle songs I knew... must say I know a few but not well!! Anyway ended up being my usual silly self, making the girls smile is good enough for me!! Even Lucy was bopping along to my singing, so it couldn't have been a painful experience!!!
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  1. Hey! I LOVE this Baby Cino page! It looks fantastic!

  2. Hey You already know that I think this is absolutley stunning....I Love it. My favourite yet.

  3. Nice layout, but then you already knew that. It would be nice if you could accurately pass on the soccer scores though...thats two weeks in a row you have sold me short!!!!


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