Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dave said to call this post Tuesday Woosday

Not sure why...
The Easter church service at school went well, if Lucy made a noise Elizabeth would echo it so that part was interesting!!
Came home for morning tea then hit the road again for storytime. We were there for a short time, enough to change library books and hear 1.5 books. Elizabeth decided she didn't want to stay and listen so wondered around for awhile before we came home. then back in the poor van to get Jessica etc.
After we got Megan, we got home (for the ??? time I've lost count) Dave was already here. So we all went for a walk around the 'big' block. Hadn't attempted that with the girls so it was an interesting time of whinging!! Funny things was that Jessica didn't do any of it!
Mum and Dads 36th wedding anniversary today and Dad got an all clear after having some tests/scans done on a lung. So it should be a happy day for them today!
I was given a huge big bag of hand-me-downs from our nextdoor neighbour today, their daughter in-law had given it to them. IT WAS ALL STUFF FOR ME!!! Was totally amazing! Lovely stuff and have a nice little pile of things that fit! How sweet are the neighbours!!!
Megan has a disco happening at school tomorrow, at lunchtime. She is all excited as she hasn't been to one before... would love to be a fly on the wall!! She has a friend, Reece, who is in grade 5. He is lovely, just like a handsome big brother! Megan's been picked on a bit because everyone doesn't quite get that he is her BOYfriend not BOYFRIEND. They hug goodbye everyday, is quite sweet to watch and hoping she always has friends like that, ones who look out for you etc.
Anyways thats about all, off to watch survivor. Sleep well and make sure you chew before swollowing those bedbugs!
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