Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Bunny is on his way!!

So you better be good hehehe
Did the grocery shopping this morning, will probably be the last time I have Elizabeth with me when I put 'secret' things in the trolley. I love that she is still little enough not to know whats going on until the day! Thanks Grandma for the money, it arrived today, the girls will love their bunnys. Found it was cheaper to get a pack with a bunny and 6 egg-sized eggs than it was to get a bunny and any other size egg!
Jessica was happy that we had been shopping. When she got in the van, after school, we told her that we had bought a chicken for her lunch. She jumped up and down screaming yay. Neither of these things are good in the confinds of a vehicle of any size!!! Don't know what the deal with chicken is but she has a fetish!!
We went to Megan's friends, Peter, house after school again today. Had to leave there in disgrace, Elizabeth had finally finished a poo that took 3 nappys and all day to deliver :( ick
Megan loved the disco and won some prizes, she said one was for hokey pokey... She won some Scoubidous, which was great as she has wanted some for a while now, so I've promised her we will do some over Easter. Jenny, if you read this, can I have the site you found again. I can't find it anywhere and I was soooo sure I kept it so i'd be a step ahead of Megan. I'm going to need some patterns so I know what we're doing!!
I'm off to watch survivor again, so will leave you with a photo that Dave took last night of me reading the girls a bedtime story. See I can show off photos that contain me...!!!

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  1. Lorraine7:44 PM

    Lovely to see all the girls together for reading time. Glad to know the easter bunny has been able to the shopping in Hobart for us, thank you, hope you all enjoy the chocolate.

  2. Love the piccy of you guys. Sounds like you had a busy day...hope you enjoyed surviour!!!


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