Monday, April 24, 2006

Holiday day for Dave

and it was a nice day too. We got a bit done around home as well as lots of playtime.
Dave mowed the lawn and hammered some nails in, so we now have a photo wall. He also spent part of the day playing hats with Lucy. I was in the toilet with Elizabeth, sitting on the floor and waiting was I, and in toddled Lucy with a hat on. Dave called her back and put another one on, she would come back to show me each one, little model she is!! By the time I got the camera she had had enough so I didn't get to photograph it all!
Elizabeth had a day of toilet sitting, she refused to do her poo right up till bathtime tonight. She would start to go and by the time we had rushed her to the loo she wouldn't do it. She has another tattoo though, for her lovely wee, but also wet over lots of dressups, where she just didn't think :( Oh well we will get there! She is lots harder than the other 2 as she is soooo stubborn and just refuses to sit on the toilet.
Dave and the 3 older ones found a cricket near the clothesline so that was a highlight for them. Megan loved having a hold but didn't want it crawling past her shoulder.
Jessica spent most of the day with dressups on, she loves to be a princess, lovely pink number she wears is ummmm delightful ;)
Had inside info into BB lastnight, knew about 'the relationship' so looking forward to watching more and hope they get thru the week and beyond. Don't like the surfie guy or the surfie chick though. Can't wait to see what Big Brother does to them all and LOVE that they lost 15,000 straight away!!
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