Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moore Day

We had the Moores here today, for BBQ lunch. Was a lovely day, weather and company wise.
The girls all played together beautifully. Photos below :) They were playing hide and seek.

Last night I completed a layout of Jessica. It took me only 2 hours and that was while I was watching telly, so I am impressed that it all came together so easily. Had fun with making it.

We watched a little of the ANZAC parade on tv this morning. The concept of it all is still a little hard for the kids to get, even with known people in or ex-service. Megan and Jessica, to a point, understand that it has something to do with war but only think its about those who died rather than those that survived and those that continue to protect us daily. A time to remember and reflect, a time to be thankful for those who have gone before to help shape our nation and our world.

Back to school for Megan and Jessica tomorrow. The Easter break has felt like 'real' school holidays, rather than a break. They have been busy but we have also had some lovely at home time together, its been great having Dave home too! They have loved that part. So back to normality tomorrow, and with a shock as we will be busy. After picking Jessica up at lunchtime she has a birthday party to go to at 2pm. So will drop her off before heading to school to pick up Megan and then back to get Jessica. Roll on June holidays says I!! Not long I spose!
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  1. Sounds like you had a great day that is fantastic, Hope tomorrow goes ok for you. Did a layout of Elizabeth yesterday...will upload it tomorrow night.....


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