Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I miss my girls *sigh*, its too quiet!
Spent the morning being busy. Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to the library to return and check out some books. Then we went to the post office and then we went to Maccas. Elizabeth had her first 'big girl coffee', AKA babychino, and a smarty-filled biscuit. She loved being big!

Home via the fruit shop, so we had vegies for tea, and just in time for lunch. Lucy spent the day climbing in and out of a nappy box. She is such a dare devil, loves to climb on and into ANYTHING!!

Just spoke to Megan and Jessica on the mobile. They were standing on the beach in the dark, is the only place where the mobile will work down there. Megan was upset as Uncle Niall was being mean to her. Poor tyke sounded tired. Jessica said she caught 2 flathead, so they have been busy girls. Roll on Friday :)

Not much else here... Silverside and roast veg for tea, Elizabeth gagging on the pumpkin, Elizabeth did wees on the toilet for me today and got a shrek tattoo on her belly and I just paid for our heatpump (thanks Mum for lending us the cash!).

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  1. Lorraine8:50 AM

    How times have changed I remember a certain young man who did not like silverside, glad you have managed to change that! Well done to Elizabeth using the toilet, that will help with the number of nappies to buy.

  2. He even had it in sandwhiches for lunch today!!


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