Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lucy's first cheeseburger!!

Well the lads finished their computering at about 1.30 this morning. Lucy, Elizabeth and Jessica where awake then too! I went to bed around 11.30pm and all 3 were awake, to some description, Elizabth and Lucy were talking to each other, so it was a surprise that they were awake at 6.30 this morning. Ok so it wasn't a surprise, wishful thinking perhaps!!! Dave left for work at 7.30am, I was still in the shower, so it has been a rather long day!
I started the layout of Megan. Not sure how I will finish it off. I have several ideas and seeing as one of those involves things I don't have I will go with the other idea lol Was nice to see it al come together quickly! Grrr that Cold Case was a repeat!!! CSI's are again tonight too! I swear they are just messing with my head!! Oh well just as well the Bill is on lol No I am not obsessed with my telly viewing but how dare they keep showing reruns!! hehehehe
Wendy came to visit us today. The girls got a little carried away and Megan was show-offy in a hypo way! Was nice to have her come visit now we are closer to her.
Mum rang this morning and invited Megan and Jessica to the shack for a couple of days, so thats where they are. I took them there after Lucy's sleep this afternoon and we called in for a quick visit to Allisons on the way home. Elizabeth didn't want to visit but when we got there she didn't want to get back in her seat. We only parked outside and Allison came out. I thought Elizabeth was going to pat Ebony (their cat) but instead she wondered inside! She is getting braver, my big, brave Elizabeth!!
Dave and Elizabeth set out to find us something for tea. They returned with 'chippies' ,which Elizabeth is now saying as CHIPPIES loud and clear. Dave asked her what she wanted for tea and she said rice! Dave said that when they drover off he asked her again and she replied "pizza hut" Dave said "why?" she said "because I love pizza hut". So not sure where she picked that one up from, but guessing Pizza queen Megan!
Dave bought a burger for Lucy so she has now been fully initiated into the Kruijver Chippie Clan! She had her foot up, above the high chair tray, at one stage. So she must have enjoyed it!!
Elizabeth enjoyed her HUGE banjo's blueberry muffin for dessert. Didn't know where to put her mouth!!
Oh and the heat pump has been running all day. 100x better than the old one and I think I like it more than the one at the old house (don't tell Mum and Dad I said that!!!).
PS Mum and Dad aren't getting broadband, they had an email saying they can't... Telstra don't like them enough lol na they still aren't in a broadband area etc.
Night :)
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  1. Lorraine3:21 PM

    Glad to know that you will be nice and warm now that you have the heat pump working. Lovely to see Lucy enjoying her "chippies", she is now really a Kruijver! Nice to see Elizabeth enjoying her food too. I wonder how long it will take you all to get through all those Easter eggs?


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