Thursday, April 27, 2006

Put it in writing Darling ;)

I only write the scores I hear so I think, Dave, you will need to make sure I have an accurate understanding of your performance. That way I can let those who care know :)
Ok, domestic duties out of the way, back to my blog hehehe
Today was less busy than yesterday, with only grocery shopping interrupting the normal school run around. Dave is currently at soccer training.
Megan has found Paul Jennings books, so at the moment we are reading Unmentionable. Tonight we read 'Ice Maiden'. Megan thought it funny when I read about kissing and the likes!!
Liking Big Brother, so far its all friendship building rather than the tackiness and I love the insider. Hope he has a task every day, keep him on his toes. Down side is that I would be voting him out but because he has this role he is more likely to stay.
Grandma, we received Elizabeth's B'day pressy yesterday, Thank you. Its now hiding with our present, only 5 sleeps ;)
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1 comment:

  1. Lorraine10:27 AM

    Looking forward to seeing all the photos of Elizabeth's birthday next week. Glad your day was a bit quieter than yesterday!


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