Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy day got busier

But if I had used my remembering head I would have known that!
Dave left at 7.15 to head up to Launceston, he just got home now, 6.30pm. I also forgot that Megan was starting an after school sports program, so I left Jessica at Hungry Jacks, at the b'day party, and went to school to wait for Megan. As she came out I was informed that it was starting today, so left her at 3.15 to go back and get Jessica and then back to Megan, who finished at 4. They both enjoyed their afternoon activities and when we went back to Megan both Jessica and Elizabeth joined in the game of t-ball.
There was lots of fog around this morning, so the day started out cold but turned out lovely by the end, cold again now though!!
Had a thing on the news about Port Arthur and that it was 10 years since the massacre. Can't believe it has been that long. I still remember so many details about the day and then afterwards and am still shocked as to how much it has affected me. I still get upset thinking about it and will be thinking of those I know on Friday. Visiting Port Arthur 18 months ago was tough and reading thru the names on the plaques was very emotional for me, seeing the names of those I knew and then other names of people whose stories I am now familiar with. Is a time of reflection, again, and a time to remember all those lives lost in such circumstances.
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  1. Lorraine10:24 AM

    It is indeed hard to believe that it is 10 years since Port Arthur, it will always be one of those things that we will remember with horror that something like that could happen in Tassie.


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