Friday, April 21, 2006

then there were six

And yay to that! Got my girls back :)
Jessica quote at teatime
"Mummy, Lucy's zero because she's one..."
Went to MOPS this morning (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) and had a lovely time. Yummo coffee, pumpkin soup and mud cake for morning tea. Quote from the morning, which is very deep and yet SOOOO true
"You can count the number of pips in an apple but you can't count the number of apples in a pip"
Love that!!
Left there early cos I just wanted to get my girlys. Had lunch with Mum and Dad before heading home via Allisons, again. Was a nice time at her place, lots of busy-ness, and it sure made my afternoon easier. Megan and Jessica (more M than J) were mega tired so a little crabby, cranky and some other likeminded c word that I just can't think of!
So a load of washing, tea and baths later I can sit and sigh and know they are all wrapped up in zzzzz time and be glad that they are all home again. I think Lucy missed them lots, or at least the noise they made. She has wandered around the house trying to catch them and making lots of noise just to keep up with them!
Am off to a Creative Memorys party tomorrow (Thanks Rose for thinking of me and Allison for passing on the invite) am looking forward to seeing what techniques are taught and then sitting back and reflecting on how much I have picked up or been shown by tutor Allison :) No idea what photos to take so will have to go thru them and see what I don't have plans for already.
Started my layout of Elizabeth last night, while Dave was at soccer training. He walked in and the first thing he said was that he like it. I asked what he liked and he said the colours, so I am really happy! He hasn't said that about any before, its great to get positive feedback before its complete, thanks Davie Babes :0)xxxx Its another layout I am excited about and using different things makes it even more exciting. Love to get my hands into it hehe Look forward to sharing it with you once i've finished it.
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