Saturday, May 13, 2006

All tuckered out

We have had a lovely time with Grandma, we didn't want it to end!!
Dave arrived back with her at after 10.30 Thursday night, while showing her around some of the house Megan woke and was pleasantly surprised. After getting cuddles from Megan we heard Jessica awake and she was also happy to see Grandma thru her sleepy eyes. Supposedly Elizabeth had the same reaction when told by Megan in the morning. Friday we spent the day around home being entertained by 4 eager entertainers. Uncle Samuel and Lousie came for tea Friday night, tea was chinese and yummy. Another late night before our last day with Grandma. Samuel came at 9 to take her to see his place and she was back her in time for lunch. Dave went to soccer after 11 (score was 1 all) and by the time he got home around 3 we had had a change of plans. We were going to drop Grandma at the bus terminal to travel to Launceston, but Uncle Pete had rang and we ended up driving to Ross and meeting him there. He then took Grandma on to Launceston. So we were home again before 6.30 and bought Hungry Jacks for tea, to the delight of some little people ;)
I've been told I can sleep in in the morning, we will see :)
Happy Mothers Day to all for tomorrow!
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