Sunday, May 21, 2006

Challenges and computers

Finished this layout of Elizabeth last night. I found it very challenging, it took me all week to complete. I used colours I wouldn't normally and I really wanted to emphasis the photo. The photo itself was taken of Elizabeth laying down, but I turned the photo around as it looked 'more right'. So now I have completed it I LOVE IT, really happy with it.
On the house front, Dave pulled my computer apart last night, we were up till midnight. He bought his old one from work and was planning on giving me the old harddrive and adding more memory. But then after logging on here tonight and things weren't working just right he has pulled it all apart again and I am now back to my old machine with everything back the way it was.
We went to Mum and Dads for lunch, to pick up the girls, and they had cooked a leg of lamb. Yum, I love lumb (love that new add for lamb too hehehe). So now we are all back under one roof and looking forward to the new week.
There was a message on the phone when we got home. Karina is coming around in the morning, all being well, to have a look thru my scrapbook stuff as she is keen to start. Yay I can pass on the bug!!
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  1. dollopman7:51 AM

    you be a good girl now...


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