Monday, May 22, 2006

No monday-itits

Was lovely to have Karina and her boys come visit this morning. Was only a little visit and not much nattering to be had but it was great to see them again and the girls enjoyed their visitors. Hopefully we will be able to get together and scrap one day, would love it!
Other than that, took Megan back to the Dr.. Her medication had finished so she had to give another wee sample for tests. She was such a brave little soul, he made her hop up on the bed to feel her tummy. I thought she was about to crack and start hollering but she braved it and was wonderful! So after going to Medicare we went thru some of the shops to find something under $5 for being brave. In the end we got a hairband thing ($3ea) that you can use as a band or a bandanna, I got one for me too. When we got home she found a new computer in her room (Dave's old work one) and was thrilled and even more excited when she switched it on and Daddy's voice was there telling her to switch it off. Dave has recorded some things on it and set it to play when the computer does things. Turning it on has Dave saying 'turn the computer off Megan', turning it off he is saying "come back here, hey come back here... close the door Megan'. It bamboozelled Jessica, she didn't know where the voice was coming from, Megan, on the other hand, loves it and proclaimed Dave to be the best Dad in the world!
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