Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cross Country and Christenings

I just have to share, just so it has been written somewhere in history, that Lucy was the first to Christen our new house :) Thankfully it was wee not vomit!!
Ok, with that out of the way!, Megan had her cross country today. We went a little earlier to get Jessica so I had time to go give Megan her medicine. I was proudly shocked to see her with a 2nd place ribbon on! This is from someone who likes to walk not run, isn't feeling 100% and couldn't care less about the cross country!! WOW, she did an amazing job and has now caught the running bug. I bought her some new sneakers today, her other ones had split along the bottom, and she put them on and ran aound the house saying they made her run faster. She also stretched her leg up to put her foot on the bench, proclaiming that she could do that now with her new shoes! She even offered to lend them to Dave to help him run faster at soccer training tonight, he told her he only needed to run slow anyway ;)
The test results came back all clear but the Dr wants to do another one when she has completed the medication. Going by todays efforts you would think she is getting better!!
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  1. Grandma2:39 PM

    Congratulations to Megan on such a wonderful result on the cross country, she must get that from her father and definitely not from her Grandmother!! Good to know that the test came back clear from the doctor and hope that is the case when the medicine is finished.


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