Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sagas and sunsets

Home from picking up Jessica, lunch and just put Lucy to bed... phone rings... its school... can you come pick up Megan... get Lucy out of bed... pile into car... get Megan... home again :)
Made a Dr appointment (they made room for us as they were fully booked) and Dave came home a little early to stay with the other 3. Anyways, she has a viral infection, her glands are up and he said those glands are also found near the belly and so come up and down and cause the belly ache. He also tested her wee and has sent it off for more tests, it looks likes she has a urinary tract infection and if so we will be off for an ultrasound to check her kidneys are ok.
So some answers but sigh :) She doesn't like school, well she doesn't like the way some of the kids act at school, so its been a hard time for her and hoping that once she is feeling a little better she will be more on top of school too. Is hard seeing her go thru it as I hated school after we moved, another reason it was such a huge decision for us to move in the first place, but it had to be done sometime and better now than later me says!
Just have to share these photos I took of the beautitful sunset tonight. One photo is with the flash on and looks VERY red, the other is flashless (hehehe) and the sky looks more blue than it was.
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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I liked the sunset. Did you see the moon last night coming up - good photographicnight; but didn't have my cameria..On the water overlooking Kingston/Storm Bay Area
    The Patti cakes came up well...Love Mum


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