Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dirty day

The day started like this! Well not quite started... as we left school...the front door of school...big mudhole that Elizabeth is always asked to stay away from... big puddle that Elizabeth always veers towards... splat!!!
Funny thing is that, almost to the day, 12 months ago I came home, from picking up Megan from school, so I was gone not 10 mins, to find the clean girl I had left with Mum and Dad, looked like this!! The excuse was that she was helping dig potatoes.
She has always liked dirt!! Looking back at the photos, she must be due to go up a dress size, the photos of a year ago all had her in what she is wearing now.
So after changing her, we went to the scrapbook shop to get some paper (kinda essential for scrapping!!) as I am struggling to find anything that I can use with what I have left.
Not much else... Dave's probably freezing by now, soccer training. Lucy's in bed singing, glad Elizabeth goes straight to sleep and sleeps through anything.
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  1. Lorraine9:08 AM

    Elizabeth must have some of her father in her, I have some lovely photos of him and Peter when they were young looking very muddy too!

  2. daddy3:28 PM

    I never got dirty!


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