Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One busy day in a busy week

One side in our 4 slice toaster had the element decide to stop working, so I returned that this morning. Only bought it in March so was happy I had kept the docket and got a full refund, which wasn't much cos the toaster was bought at half price when it was on sale. SO we have now gone back to the trusty 2 slicer that I have had for over 10 years.
Used the money from the refund to buy some fruit and veg before Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to storytime at the Library. They are still renovating (the poor storytime man said he had to go thru boxes to find books to read us) and noone knows when they will be finished.
The rest of the week is full too. Friday is MOPS and the last day for term 1 YAY, Thursday the kids are on a walkathon for school (walking to Tolosa park from school, about 5km return) and I am now about to make some cupcakes for Jessica to take tomorrow to celebrate her 5th birthday (being they aren't there Friday and Thursday wasn't appropriate). We also decided this morning, that we'd have a party for Jessica. We weren't going to, because Dave was meant to have soccer but we since found out that they aren't playing, so now we just have to think about what to do with Saturday arvo.
So you can see I found my patience again, or swapped the kids or something, today was a different day :)
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  1. Dolloping Ds8:30 AM

    You are a very patient lady...especially when you have to tolerate all the DDDDDDDing that I like to do.



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