Thursday, June 01, 2006

A quick up-to-dater

The cupcakes were yummy, so I was told. They didn't rise very well but I soon fixed that. I had been browsing other blogs and saw on Jen Hall's blog the lovely cupcakes Fiona Carter had made for Jen's party and decorated Jessica's likewise. Am hoping to use the same idea for her birthday cake on Saturday.
Last night I went to a meeting at school, they announced the new acting-principal for the next 8 weeks. They are still waiting to hear if the Principal will be returning from long service leave or not. They also told us about different changes they would be implementing etc starting next term.
Today we joined the kindys and preps for their walk around Tolosa Dam and got to see Megan after her part of the walkathon to the park from school. Was nice to have time with them both :) They are all pretty tuckered out now though so VERY glad tomorrow is Friday and even more excited that its the last day of the term!!
Dave isn't soccer training tonight, can't blame him it is cold and drizzly outside, so its nice to have a quiet night with him :)
Leave you with this photo of Lucy that I took yesterday. We had our first frost of the year and it was VERY cold. I rugged the girls up to take them to school and Lucy looked just like a jellybean, well I thought so :)
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  1. I love the photo of Lucy!! Hope you all enjoy the holidays and we will of course, speak to Jessica tomorrow for her birthday.


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