Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Precious Life

Have had several reminders of how precious our lives are today. So about to get deep and meaningful so if your not ready for it....
Was humbled to hear of the heriocs of Beaconsfield this morning. How amazing it was to have not one but two people survive such traumatic conditions. It sent goosebumps all over me to hear they had been able to walk out.
Then on sad news, to have a close friend of Mum and Dad's been shot today. He is a police officer and had pulled over a car. At the moment he is in ICU listed as critical. It was upsetting to hear that it had happened and then to have Dad ring to say who it was, I just can't fathom the utter senseless-ness of such a violent act. I could go on and on, it is something that has always eaten me up in thinking that it might have happened to my own father, but I just wanted to say that I wish for people to take hold of their own lives, love someone, find good in everyday or to just hold your head to the sunlight and soak up every ray! Don't sit back wishing things were different, get on with what you have and be thankful.
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  1. Lorraine9:23 AM

    I echo what "me" has said.I saw on our news about the shotting,pass on our thoughts to you mother and father---as you said life is certainly precious.


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