Friday, June 16, 2006

More spews, some poos and I love yous

Yep Lucy didn't stop at one! Was around midnight when Lucy, my helpers Elizabeth and Megan, and myself got to go to bed :) At one stage, as I was showering Lucy, all the girls were awake and ummm too active!!! So today's plans were altered and just as well because when I got Lucy up she had a dirt nappy that had 'spilled' all the way up her front.
Dave was home before lunch time (LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!) and Lucy was sick for him again in the afternoon, while I was at the fruit n veg shop.
So we are now hoping for a more quiet night with all of them sleeping more!!!
And Dave has asked me to mention that the tin I scrapped is a sweet tin not a cake tin... he said the photo is deceptive and he thought it was a cake tin... I wonder how many drawing pins I could put in a cake tin??!! I wonder if he would get upset if I scrap a pink cake tin for him to take his cake to work in??!! No doubt I will find out ;)
Night all
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  1. Give Lu Lu a big hug for me the poor little tyke. The bug is going around unfortunatly...hope that is it for your household. Missed you all today...hopefully we can catch up later next week.

  2. Lorraine7:47 PM

    Hope that you all sleep well tonight and that is the end of the bug for all of you especially as it is nearly the end of the holidays for you. I am sure David would love a pink lunch tin, it would be better than the bread bags!!!

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Pink is very bad!


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