Sunday, June 18, 2006

twice the post!

Rolling back the clock to yesterday... had almost finished my breakfast, last mouthful of toast about to go in the gob (yeah ladylike I know lol). When I felt really ill. Went back to bed and ended up sleeping for an hour. Then got up and took Megan and Jessica to Woolworths. They have been waiting to spend their birthday money and buy an 'Eggflip'. It's a soft toy, shaped like an egg, that you turn inside out to reveal a chicken (the inside of the toy). They are all scented differently and a current craze. They are only $5-$6 but quickly sell out and have been on backorder for ages. Anyway, they still didn't have any at the shops so I said they could buy something else. Jessica went straight for a ballet barbie while Megan got a stuffed dog that came with his own slippers and eye mask... I also bought Elizabeth and Lucy a toy each, Sesame St characters Zoe for E and Elmo for L. So they were all happy :)
Came home, ate lunch and then packed their bags for a night at Mum and Dads. Dropped them off and then came back out here to the showgrounds for Dave's soccer game. Yes, they have 3 pitches marked out for soccer on the showground, WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT!!!
I dropped Dave off and headed in to Scrapilicious. Mel was in at the shop so I had a little natter to her while drooling over the stock... no not really I held it in!! But bought some lovely things which I started using last night.
Went back and watched Dave's game, which they sadly lost 2-0. Home then so Dave could have a bath and then we went and got some pizza/pasta for tea. The rest of the night Dave watched the world cup while I scrapped. We went to bed around midnight and I went straight to sleep and slept till 1/4 to 9 when Dave got up!!!!!!!!! Didn't wake once! I could hear Dave making coffe and then he called out "i'll be back in a minute".... The lovely man had hopped in the car, gone down to Maccas and came back with hotcakes and a sausage and egg mcmuffin!! Love 'im!!
After that we went to get the girls, who were mega tired, and came home for some general muckin' about. Dave, and his helpers, cooked a passionfruit meringue for pudding
And I also wanted to share this photo. Jessica gave me this for mother's day (made at school) it finally has a flower on it and that opened for the first time today.
and oops poor Lucy lost her tea, so as I write this, 7.14pm, we have just put her back in a clean bed :( again I hope that she's soon over this.
Oh and while I remember I GOT ME A WHITE PEN!! I've been wanting one for a while, couldn't find one anywhere, so today Dave and I called into Office works (yay they now have flybuys!!) and after much browsing we found a pack of pens with purple, silver AND white!! YAY! Can't wait to use it in my scrapbooking!!!
PS Will have to add photos later, blogger isn't adding them after uploading grrr
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