Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No hump day here!

Has been a busy day, no time for sitting back wondering what to do :)
Jessica was given some calico bags and fabric textas for her birthday so today Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth decorated one each. They had lots of fun.
We also had a surprise phone call and visit from Siska. She was 'home' from WA for her Mum's 80th birthday and it was really wonderful to see her. The girls gave her, the usual, performance, of princesses and songs, and I enjoyed catching up with the Hocking's goings on. Was really nice.
Megan is off to a circus workshop tomorrow, the Library are running it as part of their school holiday program. Megan is looking forward to learning some clown acts ;)
Took this photo of Lucy today. She loves carrying the stool everywhere and today found she could turn it over and sit in it! She loved it, until I found her and then she pretended to sook. Very cute though!
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  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I dddidddnt even get a mention!


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