Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not stir crazy...

Just the plain old variety... CRAZY!
We went to the library for storytime today. As part of their school holiday program they also included craft. So the girls lapped that up!! We came home with butterflies, birds, humpty, his wall and some stars. They used these to give us a puppet show, tonight before bed. It was umm entertaining ;) Between each 'act' Elizabeth kept popping her head up, from behind the couch, with her butterfly and saying something before disappearing in a fit of laughter. Jessica would then say something equally inaudible and silly and between all that they were pulling each other's pants down each time one of them stood up.... Can see more of Dave in them everyday!!! hehehe *ouch*!!
Biggest frost, so far, this morning. Most of the houses had white tiles instead of brown. brrr
Last night I completed another layout. This time of Lucy in the bath. I caught Dave putting Megan's goggles on her while the other 3 were still finishing tea. It was too cute not to snap and the photo is a beauty! Its the quickest layout I have done to date, but that would be because I 'scraplifted' my layout of Elizabeth that I did just a little while ago. Made it easy to complete and scrapping the photos makes it a little more interesting than just reading about the photo on the back :) Now to complete all my photos in such a quick time... don't see it happening, love the individuality of each layout too much!
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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I wouldddn't do silly things like pull pants down!!

  2. ahem....yes you would Dave...oops I mean anonymous!!
    Just want to say Sharmanie that I love your layout it looks fantastic....and where are you tonight??? YOu havent blogged yet???????

  3. I'm coming!!! Shopping blah!!!


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