Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We made it

too see the soccer and to get the grocerys!!
Dave and I were up at 1am to see the soccer. Poor Aussies but what a fight we put up! Well done to 'em all!
We had a busy day, the washing sat in the wash basket till after lunch cos I just didn't get back to it once it was out of the washer. From school Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to the supermarket and got the milk, fruit and veg we needed. Came home to unpack and have morning tea. Then out again to the library. Elizabeth was a crack up at storytime. Phillip, the storyteller, was reading a book "even if we have no hair thats ok" he read. He then went on saying "if we have curly hair thats ok too" Elizabeth SHOUTS out "I have curly hair... I love surly hair". Ok you had to be there type of moment but she just makes me laugh at how she just up and says stuff.
Mum and Dad called in this afternoon too. Took a photo of Dad and Elizabeth (have a layout in mind and needed a photo). This is the cheeky photo!
I pulled my scrap stuff out last night and looked at it all in bewilderment... Allison and I were talking, not long ago, about how you sometimes just seem to loose your confidence in being able to scrap... thats how I've been feeling. Its not like you compare yourself to anyone and you know that what ever you end up doing will look great, its just that things just don't seem to meld together and it takes a lot more effort to start something. But once you do find that groove again your off and loving it. So I'm hoping that when I do find time to sit and drag things out again that it will all come together so I get something done... make any sense? Or only to me lol
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  1. Makes sense to me......ohh and love the photo of Elizabeth and poppy!!

  2. Grandma4:53 PM

    I know of 4 littles girls that are going to miss Poppy when he is not around for a while. It is a great photo.


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