Monday, July 03, 2006

Home comforts

Finished the layout of Lucy last night. I tried doing what was in my head but Dave commented that it was too busy and you couldn't really see the photos. So I changed it, doodled a bit and this is the end result... Happy to have completed it :)
Today I made some pumpkin soup. Jessica, Elizabeth and I had some for lunch. Jessica started by saying she didn't like it but somehow all our bowls were clean by the time lunch was over!! Have put about 2 litres in the fridge for tomorrow night, seeing as Megan complains when she misses out! We also had roast chicken for tea (cooked 2 so we have some for sandwiches) and the carcass of 1 is on boiling for stock.
Not much else... Library tomorrow, Mum and Dad have made it to Queensland after a couple of nights with her Brother and Dave is off for his work's company breakfast. I can see why the end of financial year only happens once a year!!! Shaping up to be a busy month for him. He is off to Brisbane, for his Master's course, Sunday till Friday, then later in the month has a farewell dinner for his current boss who is leaving to go interstate...
Equally its looking busy for me too :) Wednesday I'm off to do the Literacy tutor course for school and Allison is having a scrap day/night for her birthday at the end of the month. Looking forward to helping her have a good birthday ;)
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  1. Hey there you are hee hee.....WOW seeing the layout bigger like that is fantastic, the doodling is brilliant...your a clever chicky!!!!

  2. Aha...found you! lol.
    This layout is gorgeous - that doodling is beautiful, just beautiful!!
    See you at Allison's scrap night :O)

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I like Lucy's jacket. May I borrow the knitting pattern.Cheers MaShir


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