Monday, July 17, 2006

Lazy day

Spent the day around home, apart from a spot of NEEDED grocery shopping.
We had our first window breakage! Jessica put a toy guitar thru one of the panes of glass in the french door that's between the kitchen/lounge. Thats the first window in this house, our family and in Dave and I's married life!
Also on the news front Dave found some icky head lice in Megan's hair last night. We haven't found any on anyone else and now that Megan's been treated I'm hoping thats the last of that!
Back to school and work tomorrow and Library for Elizabeth, Lucy and I.
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  1. Just saying hey....and my head is itching at mention of it again lol.....itch itch.....

  2. that must be a Kruijver record that it has taken so long for a broken window. Glad no one was hurt. Hope that is the last of the lice.

  3. dollop the glazier9:02 AM

    I always said it was my brothers, not me who broke them all!!!

  4. the one who paid for the glass7:53 PM

    to the glazier, I would not like to say that in front of your brothers


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