Sunday, July 16, 2006

Home again home again jiggety jig

The girls loved getting up and travelling in the dark to pick Dave up from the airport.
In the end I only had to wake Jessica up. Megan got up when it was almost time to go and then Elizabeth and Lucy woke so I just got them ready ane woke Jessica. Dave's flight was pretty much on time so we didn't have to wait long. By the time we got home and everyone into bed it was around midnight but the girls slept through till after 8 so that was nice!!
Yesterday we spent the morning doing the jigsaw puzzles that Dave had bought the 3 older ones home as presents. Lucy got a book and I got a lovely green t-shirt. Then in the afternoon Dave had soccer so the girls and I went to visit Allison and then Pip. Pip had 4 shopping bags full of hand-me-downs for us and it was lovely to catch up with her (and Allison OF COURSE!).
This afternoon we have had Allison come visit us. She came for lunch and had some lovely pressys too!! She has given me her old scrap trolley (now she has her new lush green leather Making Memories bad), some papers that she no longer wanted, a craft container and a organiser tote YAY can't wait to put everything in all of the new storage places!! Thanks again Allison!!!!!!
On Friday night, while waiting for the time to tick by as I waited for our trip to the airport, I finished this layout. Hope you like :) (tip: If you click on any of the photos the photo will open on a page so it is larger and you can see it a little better)

Right now the girls are watching a Barbie DVD while Dave is writing up a job application. So I thought while the internet was connected I would jump on and blog then I don't have to do it tonight, more nuggle time ;)
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  1. Was nice having lunch with you guys today....I really enjyed it!!! It was funny being so "loved" by E today hee hee....shes a funny bunny. Glad you liked your goodies!!

  2. missed out...9:00 AM

    what happened to the nuggle time?

  3. not really missed out7:54 AM

    OK OK... I have been forced to recollect that the three seconds of nugglin does formally constitute an extracurricular nuggle. I apologise to all those out there who are under the impression that I am hard done by my obviously over affectionate wife.

    Now about that kiss...


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