Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My package arrived today, typically while we were at the library so we had to get it after school. Took a photo to share. I know I paid for it and I knew what I was getting but it was great unpacking it and seeing the colours of all the cardstock I bought. I was smart and didn't include the present I bought for Allison's b'day. I also got myself the same thing so hope she likes it :) Yes I got me a BIG S to do something with... not sure what so hoping I get inspired oneday. Also the latest For Keeps magazine. Love everything about this magazine! Is one I go back and drool over again and again, shame I have only 4 issues cos they will soon have pages stuck together!!
The rest of the day was filled with Library storytime, school and things around home.
Didn't sleep much last night, less than the night before, and rang Dave about 10 to 7 and woke him up. Jessica had come in 3-4am saying she'd had a dream about dragons (I asked what, she said they where blowing fire, I asked if she had toasted marshmellows and had a BBQ...) so she spent the rest of the night in with me. She said Daddy's bed is warmer than hers.
Also today Megan informed me that Dave and I were lucky to have kids. I asked why and she said because we are the best Mummy and Daddy in the whole world... Still trying to see where we are lucky but thanks lol Can't be the best Mummy and Daddy without kids so I think its a two way thing!! All the girls have been good (but then they usually are) and helpful when needed. So that has helped the days go by smoothly and quickly. Only 3 to go :)
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  1. hey...love your new scrapping goodies,yummmy


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