Friday, July 14, 2006

no more sleeps!!!!

Just spoke to Dave as his, belated, boarding call in Brisbane. So all being well his flight to Sydney will still be there with time to catch his flight back to Hobart, he was meant to have an hour stop over.
This morning Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to MOPS. We all had a great time and I got to make a keyring. Photos are a bit blurry, because of the camera having to be so close. One side is my life, wife, kids, home, loved. The other side are things I want out of life, love, smile,grow, discover, sleeping soundly.
Well his plane should be off the tarmac by now so I will be away and hoping to finish a layout I started last night before I wake the girls to go get Dave. They have been looking forward to going to get him. Is you ask Lucy where is Daddy and ask if he is in an airplane she gives a huge, slow nod like she is definite of the answer, very cute lol Megan has a student free day on Monday and Dave has taken it as a flex so we are looking forward to the extended weekend with us all together again.
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  1. The key ring looks great.....I love your sleeping soundly bit hee hee...Enjoy having some family time with Dave and the girls. (((((hugs)))
    From Me!

  2. Grandma7:41 PM

    Thinking of you all back together again, glad to know you made it through the week without any problems, enjoy your holiday on Monday, love you all


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