Saturday, July 08, 2006

Scrapping, shopping, a party and some more scrapping

Sounds like the ideal day for some!! I finished this layout last night, used PJ (Pink Janome) on it too, and although it is super simple I really like it!!
Today we went to Big W. This week Megan has put holes in both pairs of school pants. So we needed to replace them before Monday. I also picked up a polar fleece top for Megan and Jessica, for school, they were only $17 something so was happy with that.
We then went to Erica and Phil's new house, to help Ben celebrate his 4th b'day. Our girls loved it and because it was outside Elizabeth loved playing in the dirt (as usual) and I think we came home with half their backyard!!
Just got home when Allison rang, scared the be-jeepers out of me as I was just reaching for my phone when it rang, to say her and Josiane where going to the craft fair and would I like to come.. I did ;) bought some more tape and another white pen. We called in to the scrap shop and I got some more goodies.
Home again home again jiggety jig.
Hoping to scrap and reorganise my scrap spot tonight. I'm thinking I will sit there a bit the nights Dave is gone.
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  1. Hey
    thanks for coming with us today was lots of fun.....and way too much money spending hee hee...


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