Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Grrr to blogger!! I just wrote my post, tried to add photos which it wouldn't and THEN my post disappeared! And it was a long one so here goes again!!!
Sunday morning we went to the Glenorchy Showground Market. Lots there but mostly overpriced second hand stuff. So we only bought 5 donuts for $2, in case your wondering about the 5 into 6... I didn't have one.
Sunday afternoon, while Lucy slept, Dave took Elizabeth to get some more headlice treatment as we needed some for Megan's 7-days-since-first-dose dose. So I pulled out Megan's scrap stuff with my scraps and Allison's and Megan and Jessica had a ball (see photos below added NOT THRU BLOGGER GRRR).
Megan and I made pumpkin soup and while that was cooking Mum and Dad rang from Loretta's place, yep they made it to Katherine.
Fast forward to tea time... Lucy decided that after her soup and a little of her tea that her stomach wanted to remind us of what she had eaten so there began our exciting night and the invention of 'DADDY'S HOSPITAL'.
Roll on to 9pm... Lucy's little stomach decided to give her a break so she could go to sleep.
Roll on to 1am... My stomach decided to compete with Lucy
Roll on to 2am... Jessica decided to join the party, christening her floor for the first time!!
Roll on to 6am... Elizabeth decided she was feeling left out. Thankfully Dave had emptied her shoe basket, it came in handy!!!
Roll on to 8.30am... I got out of bed, asked Dave if he had rang work, it was obvious he was staying home, he had... Asked Dave if he had rang school, it was obvious Megan was staying home as Dave couldn't trust any of us at home, he had.
Roll on to 4pm... My feet were finally defrosted, must have turned the corner.
Roll on to 6pm... dragged myself out of bed to the couch. Had felt sick all day so it was sleep or be sick.
Roll on to 9pm... final dry reach for the day
Roll on to 6am TODAY... YAY slept all night, felt 50% better and no vomiting!!!
Today has been more normal! No Library as I just didn't have the energy and Dave had his farewell arvo tea for his boss.
While I think of it I have turned on a verification option for the comments. It means an extra step when you leave comments (you have to copy the word verification) but I have been getting electronic spam comments so hoping this will stop that :)
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  1. Hey
    tell the girls that I love their scrapbooking pages!!! Hope Dave is feeling better....glad the rest of you are onthe mend.


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