Thursday, July 27, 2006

Daddy's Hospital CLOSED!!

Yep 4am yesterday Dave was up showing he was capable of keeping up with us girls!! So he had the day off work and in bed.
I started my 'home reading' with some of the kids at school yesterday, had 3 grade 3/4's and today 1 of those and another new one. Nice to get to know them and great to give them the opportunity to read to some one.
Been rainy and overcast so today and yesterday was spent indoors out of the weather!
Dropped in to see Erica today, Elizabeth was excited about playing with Ben!, she has picked up some casual work and isn't able to help with MOPS so I picked up the money tin to take with us tomorrow.
The girls, apart from Megan who has school, are excited about going to MOPS tomorrow and then tomorrow night I have to pack my new scrap bag to take with me on Saturday to Allison's Birthday Scrap Party!!! YAY, I am excited about going!!
And just have to share that I have just paid our VERY FIRST rate bill!!! I am excited about that but not about the amount of money we now don't have!! But we are bill-less again :)
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  1. Im excited too yahooooooo...hee hee.......Im a little gooofy.....anyway looking forward to seeing you on saturday.

  2. daddy's mummy4:41 PM

    Poor daddy! glad to see that you girls like sharing everything! Hope that is the end for a long long time!


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