Sunday, August 06, 2006

The croakers are visiting

Megan started, then Jessica followed by Elizabeth and I'm thinking Dave won't be far behind... Croaky voices. Jessica has been a little off for the last 2 days and slight temp at night, so she has been having some panadol to help the temp. Elizabeth started the temp thing tonight too and Megan has been complaining of a sore throat. Dave woke up this morning saying he had got it too. So I'm hoping I skip the whole flu thing and stay on top of it all, I need my voice to control this lot lol. Lucy has been her usual self today so hoping she stays well too :)
Well today has been a full day! What have we done... trip to the chemist and fruit shop, mowed the lawn, cleaned up around the garden, watered the garden, washing out, folded washing, dry washing in and folded and put away, vacuumed, played Nintendo (Diddy Kong racing), read books, drawing, played Hungry Hippos, cooked tea, ate tea, dishwasher stacked and on, bath for 4, bed for 4..... and all that after lunch!!!!!
Tomorrow will be a quiet day around home, other than taking Megan to and from school. We had Chicken Kiev for tea and hoping the garlic helps their flu and to keep it away from me! So Dave and Megan will be popular tomorrow hehehehe
And as promised photos of Elizabeth and Jessica in their new hats. Grr blogger just broke and I can't add the photo of Miss J so will add her via the other program!! Night off to watch Idol :)
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