Saturday, August 05, 2006

All partied out :)

What a busy day!! 9am, after putting the washing on and stripping all the beds, we headed out the door to go present shopping. We accomplished that and also picked up a tshirt for Megan, a beanie bear for Lucy (it has LuLu written on its belly so we couldn't go past it AND it was in the bargain bin!), a pair of bonds toe socks for Megan that were only $2!! (she loves toe socks and was wearing a pair today) and a knitted hat for Jessica and Elizabeth (which I hope to take some photos of tomorrow!).
So then we headed off to Shane and Anna's for Nicola's 3rd birthday party. We stayed a little bit then left Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth there (it was a kid's only party) and took Lucy down to the canal after buying something for our lunch. I asked Lucy if she liked being an only child... I'm still waiting on her reply lol. Went back to pick up the girlys before heading home. Walked in the door to the washing machine beeping and as I was walking out the door again, with Megan, Elizabeth informed me that she had wet herself... Dave was dealing with the laundry so I cleaned up the carpet and left him to the rest.
Megan and I went to Kmart to get Dave's Dad's Day present, you too will have to wait and see what they got but Megan was impressed and can't wait to umm use it...
From Kmart we went to the PCYC for the other birthday party. They had set up one of the gym areas with loads of mats, beams, rings, tramps etc etc so Megan loved every minute of it!!! They didn't do the food thing till the end and Megan ate very little before asking if we could go home. So we did, via Spotlight so I could get some new albums as the 2 albums I have are just about full and I want to seperate the girl's layouts out.
Dave had been very busy, love you Dave!!, and had tea on cooking and had made an apple pie (YUMMMMM although we are yet to have our piece). So thats our day :)
Last night we watched the last of the Star Wars movies, I got Dave the entire set for Christmas and we have only just watched this one!!! So now we can sit down and watch them from 1-6 :) and one day we will watch 1-6 in one go!! Yep the girls will be a lot older and by then hooked on Star Wars too so there will be fights over who has to go make the pop corn!!!
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