Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Injections, Invasion and Incomplete completed

Took Lucy for her Chickenpox vaccine today, as well as a HepB that was missed at her 12 month lot. Hard to believe she is almost, well 2 days off, 18 months!!! My baby is now a tantrum throwing toddler who doesn't like missing out, things taken away or not getting what she wants. She didn't have a sleep AGAIN today, too busy singing in her bed before realizing I wasn't coming so changed to sooking and that worked.
Allison came to visit today too. So we had 9 kids between us but they all played wonderfully and you would never have guessed there were that many kids! Thanks again Allison for the visit.
Last night I finished this layout of Jessica, Megan and poor squashed Dave. I went to bed cranky because I had added the rubon flowers and hated what I had done. So this morning I added a bit more to see if I could be more pleased with the layout. I quickly stitched while the girls watch the telly before school and then after getting back from the drs I added some more rubons and was feeling a little better with the result. Wanted it to be a fun layout and hope I have succeeded!
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  1. Allison....cant remmeber my log in details....winchester9:18 PM

    Well I think you definatly succeeded....i Love the layout and it looks even better in real life.....thanks again for today and will catch you on the weekend!!!

  2. Lorraine9:33 AM

    I agree with Allison you sure did succeed it is a wonderful layout, enjoy the method for making the pancakes

  3. donging dollop1:01 PM

    i dont like pancakes anymore...although the bigger more mature pancakes can be nice...veerryy nice!


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