Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What have I done!!!

Today I booked and paid for my spot for the Scrapilicious Scrapping Retreat in October. I am excited about going but oh so very nervous!! It will be the first time I have been away from Dave and the girls for that length of time and I get teary just dwelling on it!!! The biggest reason I want to go is to meet Julie Love and I have dictated an email in my head a thousand times apologising for not being able to go and now I am going!!! OH MY!! The retreat is at Camp Clayton, the other end of the state, and the distance has added to my unwillingness to go but I am hoping all will be well on the home front and the distance won't be an issue. Also hoping I have a fun and full time so I won't dwell on what might be happening at home etc.... It's funny I haven't been home sick before but I am feeling that way months before going anywhere!!!!!
What else... Started a layout last night, am really loving it and enjoying scrapping it AND I bought some things, while in paying for the above, so looking forward to using those too!!
Had a call from school today. Megan had spilt juice on herself, juice from her fruit salad, so I had to take a change of clothes for her before waiting, with Elizabeth and Lucy of course, in the carpark for half an hour to get Jessica.
Jessica is off on an excursion tomorrow. They are going to visit another local school and have the morning with their kinder kids. I am sure she will have lots of storys to share about that when she gets home!!
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  1. YAY YAY and YAY some more!!! because I am VERY excited to finally get to meet you...we will have SO much fun...the time will fly by and you will be back with your family in no time at all :0)

    Oh I am EXCITED just writing this comment!!!



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