Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lovely night, layout and a little more

Well, I had a lovely time at Josiane's last night. Picked up Allison around 4.30-5 and headed down to Josiane's palace. Had a fun night, yummy pizza, and actually completed this layout of Lucy!

Was home around 11.30. Today has been mostly filled with washing and keeping the kids amused as Dave declared it an 'electronic device free day'... not sure why, he's not either!!, but the girls found plenty to do and when they were finally bored Dave asked them to walk around the house to see how many steps it would take them..... Elizabeth said 2, while Jessica said 13 and Megan was a more realistic 58. Dave also made an apple pie (he made a self saucing chocolate pudding for them last night!) so the day has been full. And for those brainiacs, the oven is electrical and not deemed part of the 'electronic device free day', Megan did ask ;)
Dave played soccer yesterday, score was 6-1 to Dave's team, and he got a run instead of being in goals the whole game. He played against Shane's team so he is happy to have had the opportunity to steal the ball off Shane :)
Hope you all have a great start to an exciting week :)
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  1. Allison....cant remmeber my log in details....winchester6:26 PM

    Coooooooolllll sounds like you guys had a good day......sometimes having days like that can be good for all!!! You know I love your layout but just have to say it more as I just love LULU's grin lol

  2. me who knows such things9:31 AM

    e‧lec‧tron‧ic  /–adjective 1. of or pertaining to electronics or to devices, circuits, or systems developed through electronics.

    e‧lec‧tric  /
    –adjective 1. pertaining to, derived from, produced by, or involving electricity:

    see they are different!


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